Oil Absorbents & Wipes


As an Oil Absorbent Solution provider, AFPL is uniquely placed to precisely tailor its products to meet your absorbency requirements. AFPL is a supplier of oil absorbents in the form of “EasySorb” product range.
To know more about this, please visit our exclusive website www.easysorb.in


Meltblown wipes are made with extremely fine fibers of highly advanced technology. It has excellent moisture absorbency, superior cleaning power and quick drying property. Due to fine fiber structure it rapidly absorbs water and has high absorbency than general cotton products. We can also offer anti-microbial and anti-bacterial wipes as per the requirement.

Pharmaceutical Industry (Class IV)
Electronics Industry
Chemical Industry
Optical products such as eye glasses, glass, mirror, camera etc.
For removing contamination of accessories such as gem, precious stones
For removing pollutants of computer, monitor, telephone, mobile phones

Characteristics of meltblown wipes
Excellent absorbency and quick drying property due to fine fiber structure
Meltblown wipes quickly absorb large quantity of moisture rapidly because of capillary action resulting from fine pores inside the product. Besides, their fast drying speed enables convenience in use. It also has superior cleaning power.
We can offer these wipes in sheet and rolls form. Perforation and Slitting service is also available.