Aim is a quality supplier of nonwovens in India. With a brand new set up of needle punched nonwoven technologies we are your right source for quality goods.

We have state-of-the-art line to produce needle-punched fabrics for applications like automotive carpets, headliners, exhibition carpets, filtration products etc.
We can produce materials in 2.4 m width and 180 to 500 gsm in white as well as various other colors as per client’s requirement. The basic fibers we can use in the process range from PET, PP and low melt fibers

Applications drive our nonwoven segments. The fabrics are engineered for following applications
1. Filtration
From Transport filtration to HVAC products our nonwovens are used in almost all segments. We can provide fabrics for the G3 and G4 class of EN779 standard and from MERV5 to MERV8 of the Ashrae Standards. The fabrics are also used for oil filtration in liquid filtration and as a pre-filter in many automotive filter plants.

2. Automotive
Needle punched fabrics are used to make auto headliners and carpets for the automotive industry. Aim has a resourceful set up to make and convert nonwovens for the automotive Industry.

3. Geo Textiles
A major opportunity for nonwovens is the Geo textile underlay’s in India. We produce fabrics for various Geotextile applications. Please send us your needs and we shall engineer the materials for your needs.