AIM has developed several materials keeping in view automotive market. The materials have special properties like cabin air filter medias, fuel water separator medias, oil filter media etc. They also have additional benefits like light weight, water repellant and easy moldable apart from their functional properties.

Cabin Air Filter Medias
Our cabin air filter products consists of a meltblown (fine) fibers and electrostatic charge that increase sub micron particle retention with reduced pressure drop. This material has superior fractional efficiency, good processability, and stable performance in high temperature and humidity. Its high efficiency and low airflow resistance characteristics increases protection for drivers and passengers.

Fuel Water Separator Medias
We produce composite Medias using PBT and cellulose paper for fuel water separation. Use of this media ensures removal of moisture from fuel and improves life of engine.

Air And Oil Filration Medias
We produce medias in Polypropylene, PBT and composite for air and oil filtration applications in Automotive.