1. Activated carbon granules (GAC) and Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) made with Coconut shell.

2. Laminated activated carbon Medias are made with a combination of activated carbon granules, power and /or rayon fiber which is laminated to spun bonded, meltblown or other carriers that can be pleated, having permeable structure. These products can be thermally bonded or needle punched depending upon customer’s requirement.

3. Activated Carbon Fabrics (ACF) is made from a rayon precursor by a high temperature carbonization and activation process under controlled conditions. It is highly micro porous in nature and lends itself well to air phase adsorption applications as well as some water phase applications to improve the taste of water. Total surface areas of upto 2000 BET can be achieved with this material.

It’s available in various thicknesses/weights, widths and lengths and exhibits following properties:
a) It can absorb both organic and non-organic gases
b) Quick adsorption /desorption kinetics (2-3 times than GAC)
c) Easily regenerated with low temperatures
d) Acid and alkali proof
e) Good electrical conductivity and chemical stability

4. Activated carbon filter cartridges are made with a activated carbon and nonwoven fabric. This helps to reduce chlorine, bad taste and odors as well as acts as sediment filtration cartridge which filters 5 to 10 micron particles. It has good resistance to chemicals and alkali.

Delivers excellent particulate filtration performance
Designed to remove odors and irritant gasses from the HVAC system air ream
Two stage filtration construction
a) The upstream layer provides excellent particulate filtration and protects carbon from particulate loading, to ensure maximum odor removal capability.
b) The downstream layer is optimized for rapid adsorption and retention of gaseous contaminants from the air stream.
100% synthetic filtration media in particulate and gas phase components
Thermal bonding of all components to prevent fiber or carbon shedding
Available for 1”, 2” and 4 pleated air filters
Excellent pleatability for sharp, crisp pleats

For pre-treatment of process water
Filtering of liquid effluents
Reclamation of metals and elements
Filtering environmentally hazardous elements from industrial wastes
These activated charcoal products are available in any grade in mesh size of 3 to 200 meshes (6.3 mm to 0.3mm). Pharmaceutical industries, oil and petrochemical industry, foundries, water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and chemical refineries.