FILTRATION - Air Filter Media - Fine dust pocket filter media

Fine Dust Pocket Filter Media – Bags (Pockets) and Welded Rolls Form

It is manufactured from polypropylene using the meltblown process and because of its unique structure, it achieves outstanding filter performance. Multi-layer structure guarantees very high separation efficiency throughout the life of the filter. The typical product advantages also include low pressure drop and a particularly high dust holding capacity.

• Available in all depths – 10” to 36” and rolls of 150 meters length
Standard width available is 675mm. Widths upto 1 meter are possible
Available in all MERV7 to MERV15 ratings (G3, G4 and F5 to F9)
Manufactured by ultrasonic welding
Tested as per EN779 and Ashrae 52.2 standards
6 spacer ultrasonic welding technology
OEM branding possible

Filter Media and all components are produced in India
Quality control of the complete production with internal filter test equipment and modern quality management tools
Environment friendly and easily disposable