Our mission at Aim Filtertech Pvt. Ltd (AFPL) is to offer a truly world class level of innovation, development and supply of product to meet all your need of nonwoven materials. A focus on delivering unsurpassed levels of customer service and support means that AFPL is at the forefront of the nonwoven products. We have been in business since 2001 and supply our products globally to 24 different countries. Our field of expertise is in the filtration, oil sorbents, thermal insulation, sound absorption, automotive filtration and other associated field of nonwovens.

AIM produces nonwovens for a wide variety of applications using different technologies like Meltblown, Thermo bonded, Chemical Bonded and Needle Punched. We also have converting facilities in house like ultrasonic bonding, thermal calendaring, scatter coating, adhesive lamination, sheet cutting, etc.

AIM develops, produces and markets nonwoven materials for wide range of applications such as fussing materials in garments, upholstery, interlinings for quilts and a variety of technical applications like filtration, thermal insulation and sound absorption products. The company is active worldwide as well as in domestic market. AIM is pioneer in setting up the first and the only stand alone meltblown line in India.